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The Sound of Beer Vol. 1


We brew a lot of beer at Community Beer Works, and that means we name a lot of beer too. Most breweries would tell you that naming a beer isn’t as easy as it may seem, and we’d be inclined to agree with them.

Inspiration for beer names can be very purposeful (sometimes the name comes before the beer), it can be a natural fit, it can be a competition (there’s a lot of breweries out there trying to get THE most clever names in the book), but more often than not at CBW, it’s quite a fickle endeavour.

Our beer names are sometimes a pun on the style of beer, or the ingredients used. Sometimes it’s a reference to a movie or other pop culture tidbit or nostalgia. Sometimes it’s an inside joke or just something weird that we think is funny. And sometimes we find naming inspiration in music.

The Sound of Beer Vol. 1 is an exploration of songs referenced directly in the branding of our beer, loosely related to a beer concept, or simply inspired by a beer pick from our catalog that goes back nearly nine years. There’s some old stuff, some new stuff, some obvious stuff and some head scratchers; how many songs can you pair with a specific CBW beer?

Whatever the source of inspiration, there’s no doubt that we’re a bunch of folks who love music of all genres and sounds, and we often show that through our beer. Checkout the Spotify playlist below, give it a follow, and stay tuned for more playlists as we continue to explore the colliding world of beer and music.