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The sleeves don’t stop

I hope your 2013 has thus far been without incident, and whichever beverage you brought with you into the new year was enjoyable. Myself, I only got halfway through my growler of The Whale, and once it was 12:05 I put down my copy of American Gods and went to sleep.

Owning a brewery is a glamorous life.

Now then, what’s on the docket for this month? Fun! Fun, I say, fun and excitement.

Look! It's so... blue.

Look! It’s so… blue.

IPFrank and Nano Nano have gone off to the great fermenter in the sky, but we’re glad to see that everyone enjoyed our collaboration with Roc Brewing as much as we enjoyed collaborating. This just may be the start of a beautiful friendship. Our next one-off beer, a dark saison with a mysteeeerious special ingredient, is in the fermenter, yeast happily chugging along. You’ll be able to meet it by the end of the month.

Speaking of meeting, and the end of the month, have you been to the Eagle House in Williamsville yet? Our beer has been on tap there for some time, but Tuesday 1/29 we’re going to have a “CBW Live!” event: hang out with Rudy and Ethan, enjoy half priced pints and food specials and generally have a good time.

Now then, new this year: long sleeved shirts! After our last run of gray shirts, people had two questions: “do you have any of the orange left”, and “can I have one in the blue from your Kickstarter rewards?” So, the answer to both is now yes: they’re long sleeved to help combat the current weather, say “Embeer Buffalo!” on the back in the CBW font and come in both orange and dark blue. C’mon down to the brewery and have a gander for yourself!

I’ll leave you with this profanity-laden, awkward highlight reel from a Los Angeles tv station.

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