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See you at Bidwell

It’s been wonderful to actually have an answer for people when they ask when and where they can drink our beer. We had gotten as sick of saying “We don’t know, soon hopefully!” as you had of hearing it. Of course, that’s been replaced with “So, are you filling growlers yet?” We avert our eyes and mumble a bit when asked that, much in the same way as I respond to my wife asking why yet another package from a Kickstarter project I funded just arrived.

CBW growler

Just begging to be filled with beer!

The answer to “When will you fill growlers at your brewery?” hasn’t changed. We’re not sure. We’ll have a better idea of when that can be soon, once we figure out how much beer we’re sending to other channels.

However! At Beerology I told a few people we’d be filling growlers at the Bidwell farmer’s market with the same vague and unhelpful timeframe of “I dunno, soon, we hope.” Well, we looked into that box, collapsed the waveform and can now tell you that starting this Saturday, 6/2, we will be filling growlers at the Bidwell farmer’s market.

You can buy the growler itself from us, and we’ll have some CBW growler suits for sale as well, but if buying growlers is old hat for you and you’ve got more half gallon containers than you can shake a stick at, we’ll fill those too! (Also, don’t shake sticks at growlers. They’re made of glass.) Don’t have cash? Don’t worry: we’ve got one-a them fancy Square readers and will accept credit cards.

What will we have on hand? Both Frank and the Whale will be in attendance, but we only have two taps. Some simple math will tell you that this means we will have a third beer on tap. Indeed we will!

CBW's growler suit

Growler suit up!

Ladies, gentlemen and cabbages, allow me to introduce you to The Jam #1: Manifest IPA.

The Jam is going to be our series of single batch, one-off beers. Calling them all “limited release” felt a little wrong, even though that’s what they are, so they’re our jams. They’ll be numbered, and when they’re gone they’re gone and will never come back. That’s okay, though, because there will always be more jams.

In addition to being poured at Bidwell, kegs of Manifest are going out to Cole’s, Mister Goodbar and Blue Monk today. We don’t control when they go on tap but we’ll try to let you know via Facebook and Twitter. Going by how much is going to each bar and how fast our beer has been selling, it might not last the weekend at Blue Monk. So, I don’t know, be prepared!

And come get 64 ounces of it for yourself on Saturday. That’s also a solid plan. Get there early, though, as we’re only bringing 5 gallons this week. If you miss out, we’ll have another 5 next week.

Finally, yesterday was BarCamp Buffalo 5 and it was, as expected, a great time. There were plenty of great talks, so many that the event didn’t end until 10:30. A surprising number of people stayed to the bitter end, where they were rewarded with me quickly rattling off some reasons why they should homebrew beer. You should too! Homebrewing is a great hobby and at the end of it you have beer.

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    • Dan on

      We had completely sold out by 12:05! Sorry to have missed you. We’re going to look at our pipeline and see if we can bring more next week.

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