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Saddle up: it’s Buffalo Beer Week!

It is time. The stars have aligned. The animals grow hushed, and in the wind you swear you hear a whisper:

Buffalo Beer Week.

What can I say? I'm hooked on PCP!

What can I say? I’m hooked on PCP!

The beer we have

Remember when I said we had a few more tricks up our sleeves? cracks knuckles

  • Frank
  • The Whale
  • The IPA
  • De Maas
  • Rutherford B. Haze
  • Wet Frank
  • Porter Collaboration Project: brewed with Pearl Street, made with coffee from public
  • Rye Barrel aged Whale with local sour cherries (32 oz only, $9)
  • The Snow 2013: our imperial stout from last year! (32 oz only, $9)
  • Beer Week IPA: The IPA chock full of extra hops!

The beer we will have

When I was younger I bought myself a video game the day after Christmas, and my dad had to explain to me that it made me seem ungrateful for what I had gotten. You’re kind of doing that now, you know that? All this, and you want more?

Well, you’re in luck. Tomorrow we’ll also have:

  • Nouveau Riche, our cream ale
  • Singularity (Calypso), the return of our single hop IPA series!

Twelve. Beers.

Buffalo Beer Week events


What else we’ve been up to

Other nifty beer things

And finally

When Vin Diesel recorded his lines for Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy he also recorded his line(s) in other languages. While wearing stilts. So he “could feel what it was like to be a seven and a half foot tree.”

Now then, let’s end on a gif of you during Beer Week:

Minions from Despicable Me cheering