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Psst… we have something to show you.

Drumroll please.

With our big move on the horizon and lots of other good stuff brewing, we realized it was time for a moment of self-care. So we took some time to reflect on our past, our today, and where we’re going next. We explored and affirmed who we are and what we stand for. As always, we did all this with help and honest input from our crew, our supporters, and our community. 

And after all that, we decided it was time to treat ourselves to a little refresh.


Now just because we look slightly more polished, a little more mature, and maybe even a bit cooler doesn’t mean that we are going for a complete overhaul here. Instead, we’re doubling down on the things that make us us

At CBW we (still) believe that connection is essential. Inclusivity is survival. Local is stronger and better. Quality is worth it. Good people are everything. And impact at the community level is the path forward.

There is no better time to be unapologetically Community Beer Works.

Along with our new look, you can still expect the same welcoming weirdness, plenty of shenanigans, and some of the best damn beer in Buffalo. Those things are woven into our DNA here at CBW. 

Whether you’re a new friend or you’ve known us since the garage days, we’re psyched to bring you along with us over the next several months as we share updates big and small, a few fun events, and a couple of surprises we have up our sleeves.

The CBW Crew