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We’re open now! Get some pre-game beer!

  • Tap 1: Frank (4.7%) American Pale Ale
  • Tap 2: The Whale (5.9%) American Brown Ale
  • Tap 3: That IPA (5%) IPA
  • Tap 4: Amazing Larry (4.2%) Cream Ale
  • Tap 5: Rutherford B Haze (5.1%) Belgian Wheat
  • Tap 6: F.G.H.o.t.S. (5.5%) Amber
  • Tap 7: Interrobang (7.2%) IPA
  • Tap 8: Mr. Wise (3.9%) Berlinerweisse
  • Tap 9: Joint Venture (5%) Sour ale Collaboration with 3 Heads!
  • Tap 10: FestivAle (4.5%) Saison


We’re open now!

The Bills play today. You can’t bring glass containers into Ralph Wil- er, New Era Field. You are able to bring aluminum cans, though.

So: Bills Special. 3x 32 oz cans for $20 (that’s $4 off)! And you get a coupon that’s worth $2 off a growler or can if the Bills win!

To allow for proper tailgating: we’re open now! 12-7 today! Come on in!

(Just please, make sure our cans are out of frame if you end up on Deadspin)

Mr. Wise, four ways

Mr. Wise, four ways

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