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Kickstarter: It’s over

After 42 days, 237 backers came together and raised $17,516.57 for our project. That’s $417.06 per day, though of course some days were better than others. I’ll write a long post sometime in the future with more information and advice for anyone thinking of doing their own Kickstarter project. It may be a while down the road, as it seems like a good idea to be finished handing out the rewards and so on in case something interesting crops up. In the mean time, if you have any questions please email me.

Ethan has just enlogoed a coaster. Yeah, we put "en-" in front of any noun to make it a verb. It's our thing.

Now then, the rewards. A survey will be going out soon (likely tomorrow) to all our backers. Once you give us your address, shirt sizes, etc all you need to do is sit back and wait while we put the rewards together for you. If you’re splitting up your pledge for multiple levels as gifts we’ll need to talk a bit more, but it should be smooth sailing for everyone.

We’ve already begun work on pressing coasters. Kickstarter backers know this already, but on Saturday we headed to the WNY Book Arts Center to use their press. We had already done a batch of black designs and so they set us up with a custom mixed green paint this time. I think they look awesome, and it was very interesting to see all the printing apparatuses they have. I’ve been becoming increasingly interested in handmade printing thanks to seeing others (with more talent) do it, and while I haven’t actually made anything except about 15 coasters last Saturday I’m excited to head back to WNYBAC in the future and get my print on.

We recorded a short video while we were there, and while I’m sure it shows that it was filmed and edited on an iPhone I think it does a good enough job of showing you the process. The coaster printer is quite a piece of machinery, and it was a lot of fun to embed our logo onto formerly blank coasters.

Endless fields of coasters

One final note: Kickstarter is an awesome site (I backed three other projects during the time that ours ran), and WNYBAC is also running a project right now! In The Basement, No One Can Hear You Screen has three days left and has already met its goal, but why not help out another great local cause?

Again, from the bottoms of our hearts: thank you, and let’s all embeer Buffalo!

3 comments on “Kickstarter: It’s over

  1. Rick on

    Via Kickstarter, I supported CBW and Rogness Microbrewery in Austin, Tx (both times). Now that Rogness is also funded, one burning question remains:

    Who will make the better brew? Us Texans or you guys from New York? LOL

    • Dan on


      There have been enough Kickstarter breweries funded now that it would be interesting to have a special GABF category or something. Who got the best bang for their Kickstarter buck?

      (it will be us!)

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