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It’s nearly Saturday!

Beerology: Well, that was fun!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by at Beerology last Saturday. Rudy and I (and Ethan, after retail hours were over) had a blast talking to everyone and trying the excellent beer and food on display. I even manned the Roc station for a few minutes, which I’m sure caused some cognitive dissonance.

Photo courtesy Alex Placito (apparently taken in 1978)

Photo courtesy Alex Placito

A possible highlight of the night was the “infinite tap” that Bert from Niagara Tradition made. The photo on doesn’t do it justice, but there’s a hidden pump/drain that kept it pouring forever. Well, until the night was over, at least. It’s not a perpetual motion machine (I think).

Those people lucky enough to have VIP access were treated to an extra-special selection, including our own Whale infused with espresso. If only you could get some Espresso Whale of your own…

Espresso Whale available for growler fills!

Oh. Well that’s convenient.

We do in fact have a small amount of Espresso Whale left, which will be available at retail until it’s gone. 64 ounce fills are $15, 32 ounce fills $9. We’re open today 3-7, tomorrow 3-8 and Saturday 11-5.

Yes, we are closing early on Saturday. Please update your records and rearrange your schedule accordingly. Why are we closing early? Why, for our anniversary party!

You… You are coming to our anniversary party, right?

Yes, yes, you’ve heard of it. You’re coming. You’ve RSVP’d on Facebook if you use that damnable service. I’m not talking to you, I’m talking to the person behind you, to whom the message has not gotten out. You can come back in a paragraph or two. Go get some water: you can never be too hydrated!

Come down to Cole’s and Mister Goodbar from 6 pm until… well, until we get tired and go home. All of CBW will be there (except for Matt, who lives in Austin and would find the commute a bit rough), so come up and say hi! Here’s a reminder of what we look like:

Chris, Rudy, Dan, Ethan, Matt and Greg

Chris, Rudy, Dan, Ethan, Matt and Greg

In addition to our usual offerings we’re bringing a quartet of special beers to celebrate:

  • A Belgian tripel
  • A double IPA with amarillo, cascade and zeus hops
  • A porter made with hops from McCollum Orchards
  • Barrel Aged Snow

It’s going to be quite a fun time, so I hope you can make it.

Buffalo on Tap

Of course, April 20th is a busy day, as surprisingly President Obama didn’t ever get back to us about our proposal to declare it the National Day of Embeerment. Expect a petition by the end of the week.

If, by chance, your thirst for beer festivals wasn’t sated by Beerology, Saturday is also Buffalo on Tap at the Buffalo Convention Center. Community Beer Works will indeed be pouring there, though not by us: we’ll be scuttling about, making sure the ducks are all arranged in their proper rows for our own event. Frank and The Whale will be in attendance, though, and it ends at 7: the night is young! Come see us afterward.