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Beerology approaches

In little more than a week the Buffalo Museum of Science will be inundated by beer lovers for its annual Beerology: do you have tickets? VIP tickets have already sold out, with regular admission close behind I’m sure. It sells out every year, so if you’d like to pair beer with science you should get on that.

Shortly behind: our anniversary

April 20th looms just over the horizon! It’s strange to think that at this time last year we hadn’t yet opened. You had never tried Frank. We had no retail hours. The NIPAC was something other people entered (yep, I’ll find ways to shoehorn that in each week).

Last year's Beerology booth: Ethan and Dan helped by Rachel and Nicole.

Last year’s Beerology booth: Ethan and Dan helped by Rachel and Nicole.

Yes indeed, we’re coming up on one year of producing beer. We’d like you to come celebrate with us! 6pm, at both Cole’s and Mister Goodbar: it’s how we did it the first time, and if it’s not broken we won’t fix it.

Of course, only bringing Frank and the Whale isn’t broken, but we’re upping the ante on our beer selection. We’re bringing four — count ’em, four — special beers, and have been announcing one a week. First there was the Belgian Tripel. Next, we told you about the Double IPA with amarillo, cascade and zeus.

This week? How about a porter made with hops from McCollum Orchards in Lockport?

That leaves one beer left. Stay tuned to next week for that.

Now, there’s a bit of a pickle in that the event overlaps our retail hours. We can’t make one of us late for our own party (he says, knowing he’s the one scheduled), so April 20 our retail hours will be 11-5.

It makes a fool out of u and- wait…

Perhaps you missed it, but Monday was April Fool’s Day! I can understand the confusion, since that mustache thing turned out to be real. But yes, I gave into my tendency for the silly (dressing up in my son’s pirate outfit wasn’t enough) and wrote an April Fool’s day post, wherein really liked a trio of beers of … questionable provenance. The next day (the actual Tuesday I should have had a post up) I put up another, where I gave my actual opinions (which weren’t as negative as I thought they’d be).