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Greetings from the future

The first Friday of each month brings together beer bloggers around a common topic under the banner of The Session. This month Active Brewer hosts, giving us the topic “The Landscape of Beer”:


Our topic this month is, “The Landscape of Beer“. How do you see that landscape now? What about in 5, 10, or even 20 years? A current goal in the American Craft Beer Industry is 20% market share by the year 2020. How can we get there? Can we get there?

So, let’s read an update from 2035!

The beer we have

  • Starchild Mild
  • The Whale
  • The IPA – remember when everyone liked drinking IPAs? Here’s our throwback to our roots
  • Mild Summer (summer beer)
  • Light Cuppa (mild with public espresso)
  • Single Malt Series (Marris Otter)

Upcoming events

Here’s a big one: this Friday, we’re going to become the first brewery in the country to install a Death Machine. We’re well aware of the controversy, but firmly believe in being ahead of the curve, and also that just because you know how you will die doesn’t mean you can prevent it. I’ve had mine done, and it came back “Misfiled Paperwork”. It could mean anything! If you get “Beer” your pint is on us.

(Our lawyers have told us this is a terrible idea)

What else we’ve been up to

  • Assistant brewer Phineas started this week. Hi, Phin!

  • Last Friday we started our summer music series. I hope you enjoyed The Clash at Demonhead. Next month: The New Main St Singers.

Other nifty beer things

  • We know it’s been coming for a while, but scientists finally cloned one of the initial bottles of Sam Adams Boston Lager . Whether this means we’ll be able to actually reconstruct things like the basis of Midas Touch remains to be seen.

  • Okay, people, I know you know this, but don’t get on your hover board after a trip to the bar. Congress just passed the HBUI law.

And finally