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Goodbye, fair Rutherford

Beer Week continues unabated

And what a week it’s been!

We packed Sterling right up!

We packed Sterling right up!

Saturday, of course, was the Ballpark Brew Bash. There was rain all day but that didn’t stop the festivities: everyone moved inside and the beer flowed on. Rudy and Greg were a little soggy from Bidwell, but it was nothing some Ellicottville Nitrous Hopcide couldn’t fix.

Then Tuesday was the wake of Rutherford B. Haze. We’ve enjoyed our time with dear Rutherford but it was time to see him off, so we did it in style. A huge crowd joined us at Sterling Place to drink the last of our summer seasonal. While they were there they also got to try the first offering in our Singularity line, a single hop IPA series. This one, featuring Columbus hops, will also be available at retail this week.

 The Beer Geek Festival

Yeah, this event gets its own subheading.

beergeekfestSaturday is the second festival of Buffalo Beer Week, the Beer Geek Festival at Artisan Kitchens and Baths. People have been asking us where they can find our Berliner Weisse, Mister Superfantastisch. They’ve been asking when we’ll have our barrel aged Whale with local cherries available. The answer to both is: here. The Beer Geek Festival.

We’ll be joined by a mighty impressive crowd: beers with limited release, beers you can’t usually get around here. There’s a partial tap list on the ticket page, with the promise of 12-15 more that have been unannounced.


Finally, a new bit of merch upon which you can feast your eyes:

Only 100 made!

Only 100 made!

Richard Kegler of P22 Type Foundry and WNYBAC created a nifty print for us to commemorate Buffalo Beer Week. 2012 was the year we opened but 2013 was when things took off, when our momentum reached a breakneck pace. It’s been a hell of a year and we wanted to celebrate that. They’re available at retail and the Beer Geek Fest for $15.

And, of course, don’t forget our addition of stemmed glassware last week! As well, many people inquired about the hoodies we were wearing at last week’s dreary Brew Bash. Will those finally be available to non-Kickstarter backers? Stay tuned, dear reader. Stay tuned.