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Cooperstown, IPAs, More Information!

Let’s not bury the lede

We’ve got some bad news: due to staffing issues related to Belgium Comes to Cooperstown, we will not be open for growlers fills tomorrow, 8/2.

We’re sorry, and we hope this doesn’t inconvenience anyone. But, well, three of us are going to be out of town so we can pour beer in a field, which makes logistics difficult.

We can make it up to you!

We won’t be open tomorrow, but tonight — from 3-7 — we will be filling growlers, and we’ve brought a special treat.

More Information, our stout with wheat that debuted last week at the Swans show! We have three 1/6 bbl kegs of it and when it’s gone it’s gone, so while it might last until next week if you’d like to be sure you can get some then you should come tonight.

From the hop harvesting party: see below!

From the hop harvesting party: see below!

It will not be available for fills at Bidwell this Saturday: we can only bring four beers to the market each week, so these brewery-only specials will usually be staying home. If you’d like to pick some up at a bar you can head to Blue Monk and Joe’s Deli right now; Cole’s, Aurora Brew Works and the Village Beer Merchant have received kegs but when they’re tapped is out of our hands.

Community Beer Works Goes to Cooperstown

If you’re going to be at Belgium Comes to Cooperstown this weekend please make sure to stop by and say hello! Ethan, Dan (that’s me!), Rudy and Bob will be repping CBW (and, let’s be honest, enjoying the other beers being repped). We’re bringing two offerings:

  • Rutherford B. Haze, our Belgian pale ale with wheat, and
  • W.Y.H.I.W.Y.G. (What You Hop Is What You Get, formerly known as Jam X), a Belgian IPA brewed with amarillo and pacific jade hops and fermented with Westmalle yeast

Raising the bar

Eh, that’s a misleading play on words. More accurately we’re expanding the bar, which doesn’t really make sense.

Anyway: the point is that you can now find Frank at Tappo (Sound familiar? They’re across the street from some cool people). Rutherford B. Haze is now at Giancarlo’s, we’ve got two taps at Sterling Place, and in general we’re on tap at more places than I can usually recite from memory. Luckily I don’t have to: you know that we have a full, updated list on our website, right?

Upcoming events!

  • Belgium Comes to Cooperstown is, of course, in two days (I’m vibrating with anticipatory glee)
  • The Buffalo Brewfest is next Friday!
  • Mister Goodbar is having a Wing Fest on Sunday 9/1: plenty of wings of interesting and inventive flavors, plus CBW? Come on.
  • McCollum Orchards will once again be having a hop harvesting festival, this year on Saturday 9/7. If you weren’t at last year’s event then you missed out, so mark your calendars now!

Stick it to the man


We’ve had stickers available for quite some time, but we noticed something: many people (like us) immediately wanted to put them on their car. Then many people (hopefully only us) found that they would rub off in an ugly way once inclement weather hit.

No more! Our latest batch has ditched the QR code (because seriously, what was I thinking?) and upgraded the material: they’re now made out of bumper sticker quality vinyl, so you can put them on a vehicle if you so choose, or continue spiffing up your laptop or Trapper Keeper or wherever it is that you put stickers. They’re also die cut, meaning that once peeled they lose the extraneous whitespace and are just the shield. Very spiffy, if I do say so myself.

If you’d like one, they’re a buck each and are available at the brewery.

As though my ego weren’t large enough already

Perhaps you read my July blog post The IPA Hegemony. If not, to you I say, “DON’T YOU READ MY BLOG?”

(I say that to lots of people, and almost always immediately worry they’ll think I’m serious. No, I just like feigning self-importance and saying “blog” as though it isn’t a terribly silly word. “Chief Executive Blogger” very nearly was on my business card, and only isn’t because Rudy suggested “Wizard” and this is the sort of place where one’s title on a business card can be “Wizard.”)

Shortly after it went up we were contacted by Andy at, who asked if he could expand on it some for the “Brewer’s Banter” section of their website. Sure!, we responded. It’s up today, in honor of it being National IPA Day: Why Are IPAs So Popular?

And remember, everyone: much like Shark Week, every day can be IPA Day if you want it to be.