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CBW: The Update

As we look now towards Christmas, there are as yet two things that must happen before we can file with the TTB (the next step in our quest for global beery domination):

  1. Close on 15 Lafayette*, aka CBW HQ
  2. Amend our Operating Agreement to include all members of Team CBW

Both of these are proceeding well and are nearly complete. I realized that once the building is ours, all ours, our meetings can be held there. We can have things like awesome get togethers there if we so choose, and we will so choose, though I’m certain I don’t know what you mean, I didn’t announce anything just there, you’ll have to come back later.

So then, in lieu of more news that doesn’t exist, let’s have some links, eh?

They sure were locavores back then!

No doubt you’ve heard of Craft Beer Talk, the new weekly beer talk show on WECK 1230 AM, Tuesdays at 8. It’s two episodes in and Ethan has been on both, so of course we think you should listen. Episode one is split up into chunks and Ethan can be found on parts 4 & 5, the 5th being exclusively about CBW and its progress. This week he was on the full hour, discussing things like Genessee, Dundee, Anchor and Bruce Springsteen.

Then there’s Beerology, the Buffalo Science Museum’s fundraiser/beer event. Tickets are on sale now for the April 9 event and they sell out every year, so get yours now. It’s an awesome time and features such exciting events as a brewing demonstration from the Niagara Association of Homebrewers! Science is real, after all.

Speaking of science, some of the science of beer was discussed on last week’s Science Friday on NPR (warning: the link goes straight to an mp3, the best permalink we could find). Charlie Bamforth, University of California, Davis professor of brewing science and author of Beer Is Proof God Loves Us is on the program.

And, finally for this week, seminal nanobrewery Hess Brewing has updated their list of nanobreweries in the US. We were put on in the last update, though there still isn’t much information on us. That will change — we’ve leaned over and said hello — but is irrelevant to the news at hand, which is that with the new breweries added there are now 51 nanobreweries actively in operation, with 32 more (yours truly) in planning.

Next week: Rudy unveils the World Juniors of Beer.

* From time to time you may have seen us refer to the building as 13 Lafayette, or 13/15 Lafayette. It’s both, technically, and we’ve decided to use 15 officially. So mote it be.