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Profiles in CBW: Ethan Cox

It's been quite a few years, so let's get reacquainted with the folks behind the beer!

The CBW Archives

A goodbye, and then some music to look forward to

Before we start, a somber note: this week the Buffalo beer community lost a great person. Kevin Wise, the Buffalo Beer Biochemist, passed away. He was a wonderful person, and the outpouring of posts and messages I’ve seen from brewers and beer lovers shows how much of an impact he had on all…

The CBW Archives

A quart in a can, a can, a can!

Amidst all the Pokemon, we managed to get our Dixie canner installed, so on demand 32 oz cans for all!

The CBW Archives

$2 off, for freedom

For the fourth, we're giving you half of four off our beer.