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Beer for the holidays

Did everyone get down to Cole’s and Mister Goodbar this weekend for the Buffalo Cask Festival? I certainly hope so, because it was a wonderful time. Regrettably, I only had a half pint myself: I stopped in on my way to the brewery before Friday’s retail hours, but the selection was such that I really wish the rest of the weekend hadn’t been spent on Christmas-related family activities. I mean, I love you son, but… cask beer.

Mmm, Whale.

Luckily for myself and others, that’s not the last time you’ll be seeing CBW ala cask. The Espresso Whale was especially (or should I say espressoly? I’ll show myself out.) well received, and don’t worry: you’ll be seeing it again. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow (well, definitely not either of those), but someday.

Now then, retail hours: we aren’t going to have any extended Christmas hours, as the only day we could would be Christmas Eve. I don’t know about you, but I’ll be at my mom’s that night. We’ll still be open 10-8 the Saturday beforehand, for all your growler filling needs.

The next week, however, we will be open Monday night for New Years Eve. Stop by on your way to whatever party, shindig or brouhaha you’re attending. Staying home and playing Carcassonne and Forbidden Island with your spouse, like certain handsome and eloquent brewery owners do? Beer goes great with board games! Assuming, of course, you keep them physically separate.

Although I admit, I’m more of a Flash Point: Fire Rescue man myself

Did you hear? We have glasses in stock again! They’ve continued to sell like hotcakes, presumably for holiday gifts but hey, if you’re keeping it for yourself I won’t begrudge you. We’ve also had takers on our prepaid growler card: 10 fills for $100, a $20 savings for you. Until Christmas buying a card also comes with a growler, our thought being that it would make a great gift. So far we’ve sold them entirely to people with good planning skills and a love of good beer. Well, that or maybe their recipients don’t mind a punch or two out of the card when they get it.

You’ve heard about the Helium Comedy Club opening next week, haven’t you? It’s got an excellent lineup of comedians, although regrettably I’d most like to see Brian Posehn, who is performing the week after my daughter’s going to be born. You can still go, though! You should. Don’t stay home on my account. While you’re there, you’ll be able to get some CBW! I’d like to say “Have some Frank while seeing (comedian who’s first name is Frank)” but just like with my Posehn troubles the schedules just don’t add up. You should still go! They’re better at this “jokes” thing than I am.

I feel like I have to apologize again for that pun. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.

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