Sep 18
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Squibs 2

1) While I appreciate & agree with the overall point of this article, I think it could be made with a little less demonizing of alcohol.  Perhaps it was beyond the scope of a short report in, but can’t we all admit that while yes, teenagers/college students will always drink,…

Aug 29
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Squib has a lot of definitions… says it can mean a. A small firecracker. b. A broken firecracker that burns but does not explode. By extension, a squib is also a dud round of ammunition, one that doesn’t even quite make it out of the barrel… (and it’s the next shot that’ll really screw…

Sep 07
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The Afternoon “Cheerio!”

Ok, so that’s an in-joke, probably, or not- the title refers to Chris Smith’s lamented column at, The Morning Grumpy.  Like him, I spend probably a little too much time scanning news & views, and it seems perfectly squibbish to rack a few from the fermenter, so to speak, from time to…

Jul 11
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Blogging from the inside

Yeah, I have not posted in awhile. But here I am!  There are just a few things on my mind and well… I have a soapbox, er, blog.  So, getting down to it… The first, really the big point is related to the title.  Before Community Beer Works, there was Beer-O-Vision, the blog…

Mar 28
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Skating Away

As I write this, I’m 35,000 feet above the Rockies, on my way back from the 2011 Craft Brewers Conference, held this year in San Francisco. It was really an amazing experience for me, and for our humble start-up in…

Feb 14
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Triolet Upon Starting A Brewery

We had no idea that CBW, in addition to being a brewing juggernaut and collection of gaming geeks, would also turn out to be a hotbed of lyrical craftsmen of the highest order.  But that’s what happens when you get a team of people together: hidden talents come to the fore, and…

Feb 07
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My Father, My King

Well, Superbowl XVL is over, and this year I really watched absolutely none of it; I haven’t even seen the ads, though I know they’re on YouTube already.  I have it…

Jan 17
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Po’ Lazurus

Hello from yet another CBW voice in the blogosphere, another drop in the ocean of beer and brewery blogs. Well, I suppose my contribution to the noise has not been entirely absent thus far.

Jan 24
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Let’s go to the hop!

What I envision is simply a loosely organized network of hop growers, in and around the city, throwing in some rhizomes for fun, and then possibly giving up some or all for a once or twice a year "harvest beer."

Aug 06
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Due Diligence and Dog Days

This blazing, humid, and generally oppressive week,  we’ve attended our first couple of neighborhood organization or block club meetings, partly in pursuit of a variance to use the location in which we’d very much like to establish…