Apr 08
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Squibs 10

Welcome to Squibs: your highly unpredictable yet oddly compelling look into the mind & reading habits of CBW President Ethan Cox. I was considering bi-weekly…. and then, I reconsidered. I like “whenever,” because scarcity = value. But you can at least count on Sunday night releases- I’ll give you that much. Maybe. [caption id=”attachment_4675″…

Aug 16
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Thirsty Thursday In Absentia

Without question, I began writing this post on a Thursday. Whether I complete it before the midnight hour remains…

Jan 31
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Gotta Wear Shades

Just in the nick of time, it’s Bob and David¹ Thirsty Thursday! Dan was nervous that his long strong of timely posting might get a black mark, and indeed, my day was such that I couldn’t find a moment until after my own kids were in bed (ok, and a game of Pokemon…

Feb 04
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Squibs 9

Welcome to CBW Squibs: Your periodic journey into the ridiculous musings of CBW President, Ethan Cox. I’m considering bi-weekly; it’s a comfortable pace for me. But we’ll see- Dan’s so good at this blog-thing, and I have plenty of other hats to wear, after all. What I am most certainly doing is taking…

Jan 24
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July 20th, 1969

It’s Thursday: huzzah! I’ll do my best to sound like Dan, but let’s face it: Dan’s the pro on that; I’m a rank amateur. Please bear with me… I just don’t have as much to say about halflings these days besides “Weren’t they just a way for Gary Gygax to get around…

Jan 07
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Squibs 8

Hello, 2013! One resolution I made for this year is to more frequently contribute to the blog. I’ll be standing-in for Dan a bit too, later this month as he takes a bit of time off to become a dad for the second time. So, expect at least a few Thirsty Thursdays to…

Jul 10
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Squibs 7

Growlers! Founders Brewing! Rohall's Corner! Beer v. Church! Local Beer! Beer Jelly! All this and more (except the "more" part) in Squibs 7.

Apr 23
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Squibs 6

Welcome to Squibs: Your sporadic (read: infrequent), Morning Grumpy-styled window into the head of C.B.W. President Ethan Cox. Now available in HiDef!

Feb 07
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Squibs 5

Welcome to Squibs 5, the 2012 Tra-la-la edition. I write when the spirit moves me–ok, well, to be perfectly honest, that is a necessary but not sufficient condition.  I also need to have free time and can’t write these on my smartphone, so it’s also critical to have a real computer before me….

Nov 07
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Squibs 4

!) I said this would be sporadic.  I did not lie. 1) Well, the “OMG That Was A Big Freakin Deal” conference that hit ol’ Buffalo last month is really over and done now, though the chatter and back-patting continues.  I mean, I am talking about…