Jul 16
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It’s a long road to hoe

But I’m just the Joe to hoe it – The Tick I honestly have no idea how I came upon the link to The Early Show’s Five Best Beers Made in America. The tab was open and I read it, then closed it, then got sort of mad about it and started tweeting…

Jul 15
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Community Beer Works: The logo

We did promise you something yesterday, dear fans, and here it is: the pictorial embodiment of Community Beer Works. ‘Ooh!’ You say. ‘Aah!’ comes from the person next to you. Yes, we’re quite happy with it. It came to us via Julian Montague, of…

Jul 08
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It’s Thirsty Thursday!

Thirsty Thursday, of course, being our beery version of Twitter’s Follow Friday, where we do a push to get the word out about CBW. Tell your friends! Drink a beer! (not ours, of course, but we’re not going to demand your unwavering fealty. Yet.) [caption id=”attachment_44″ align=”alignright” width=”300″ caption=”Hard at work, as you can…