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A summer beer for a not-quite-summer day

How’s Rutherford treating you?

Response to our summer seasonal, Rutherford B. Haze, has been very positive thus far! This was perhaps aided by it being an excellent warm weather beer: last week was downright toasty, unlike the dreary downpour I’m staring at right now.

If you’ve skipped a few updates: ol’ Rutherford is a wheaty Belgian-style pale ale clocking in at 5.4% abv and 100% dbv (deliciousness by volume).

That was bad, even for me. Sorry.

Yes, I'm reusing the picture from last week. Sue me.

Yes, I’m reusing the picture from last week. Sue me.

We’ll have some at all three retail excursions this week, so come on down!

The Bidwell report

This week at the farmer’s market we’ll have:

  • Frank
  • The Whale
  • Rutherford B. Haze; and
  • Possibly The IPA

The IPA is in high demand, so depending on how thirsty everyone is today and tomorrow it may or may not make an appearance.

One night only

We’re always open at the brewery Thursdays 3-7 and Fridays 3-8. One catch: July 4th is a Thursday. You don’t want to come buy beer that day any more than we want to leave our families to sell it, so there will not be any retail on 7/4.

However: we bet you do want to buy beer for the fourth, and so we will be open for retail Wednesday 7/3 from 3-7 instead.

Let’s go crazy

Do not forget: Thursday, June 27 (which is nowhere near as far in the future as it ought to be) we’re having a four course beer pairing dinner at Crazy Jakes! If you’re interested (and you should be), pick up your tickets at the restaurant or from us. They’re $40 each and cash only: pretend you’re going to Lloyd’s and stop at the ATM on your way.

Tasteful Consumers

Our summer of Consumers tastings continues! Next Saturday, 6/15, we’ll be at the Sheridan Dr Consumers from 1-4. A fortnight later, 6/29, swing by the Niagara Falls Blvd location. Both days we’ll have samples and our smiling faces, so we hope to see you there!