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A sudden flurry of activity

I had planned a different post for today. One that was our collective take on a bit of brewing news. And then, as I sat down to write it, I realized that there’s just too much exciting stuff to talk about. I’ll try to do the first “CBW Roundtable” tomorrow — three posts in one week? I know. Madness.

The most exciting news for us is that our building permit is in and prominently displayed on the front of our building. What does this mean, exactly? It means that we can do the construction necessary to turn our building into a brewery. Well, not us specifically. The construction starts in a little over a week, so we’re damn excited about it.

Now then, as you might imagine, that sort of thing requires money. I did allude to it a few weeks ago, but we’re in the process of submitting a Kickstarter proposal. If you’re not familiar with the site I’d urge you to look into it. It’s very cool, and is the sort of place where one can help fund a card game about the 1860 US presidential election. I can’t spend any more money on games, I really can’t, but you can play as Stephen A Douglas and that is amazing. Er, but I digress.

It will still be a bit until we’ll be ready to go with that, because we’re finding out what sorts of rewards are against their policy. Specifically, the ones we want to give out. I’m not saying this to complain, because it makes sense: instead, as we tend to do, I’m passing on what we’ve learned. You can’t give away discounts on merchandise or beer, for those looking to do this in the future.

What if you want to give us money now? Well, okay, send us an email. But more specifically, we’ve got a posting on th’ ol’ Craigslists, for a very nice desk in our future production area that we just don’t need. We hope you’ll take it off our hands for us.

In other progress-related news, eagle eyed visitors will notice that yet another step has been filled in on our progress thermometer at the top of our site (obligatory link to the source code of said thermometer). Our state liquor authority license is in, and we hope that gets processed as our buildout is completed. Even eagler eyed visitors might notice that I’ve swapped the second and third final stages. This is because we’ve learned that we can’t get our final SLA approval until we get our Certificate of Occupancy, which is contingent on having a completed building, meaning that we have to finish our buildout first. It’s not a big deal, and hopefully the two will be finished off in rapid succession. I’m a stickler for process, though, so I thought I would update the order.

One final note: the CBW Words With Friends Invitational is almost at a close. It’s been quite a long time, we know, but hopefully some of you are at least mildly interested in the outcome. Josh (JoshTheBrute) was knocked into the loser’s bracket in the quarterfinals by Elizabeth (econley) (my wife). He fought his way back up the ladder and is now in the finals against… Elizabeth. The drama never ends! Well, there looks to be a clear winner in the match already, but I only know that because I live with one of the participants and so I won’t give away the ending. Keep in mind that I’ve promised to buy the winner a beer, though it might take a bit before logistics make that feasible. I hope everyone involved had a good time. I don’t suppose anyone would be interested in a tournament of iOS Carcassonne or Ascension, would they?