Jun 30
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The Session #101: Stuff

For this Session Dan talks about all the things that come with beer that you can't drink.

Jun 25
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Spelt out for you

A new beer today, an upcoming cruise, and the birth of our cans (which will be available at Consumers very soon, we promise)

Jun 23
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Multivariate beer

Inspired by another post (and source code!), Dan tries his hand at creating an ale "for" Erie County.

Jun 18
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Triple Threat; or, Can Jam

Three new beers today, lots of events, and oh yeah: a small run of cans coming soon!

Jun 09
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Behind the beer: slapgan

In the interest of increasing beer knowledge everywhere, we explain a time-honored brewing tradition you might not know about!

Jun 04
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The Thursday of an Unreasonably Large Number of Events

The beer we have Frank The Whale That IPA Rutherford B. Haze Amber Singularity (El Dorado) This week’s cask, available Friday: Duality (El Dorado/Dr Rudi)! It was a beautiful day for Amber! Upcoming events We’re at the North Buffalo Farmers Market starting today! Also today:…