May 28
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Say hello to Amber

A new beer today, a cask of El Dorado/Citra tomorrow... What more could you ask for?

May 21
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The cask less traveled

The beer we have Frank The Whale That IPA Rutherford B. Haze Stout Affective Disorder Singularity (El Dorado) Seasonal Creep (Smoke) Bob NYS Double IPA Tomorrow’s cask: ABV with Galaxy hops The sizes in which you can drink the beer we have First, there was the growler. 64 ounces of beery goodness….

May 13
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Going in blind

Fed up with his own crap, Dan goes to taste a beer about which he knows absolutely nothing, except that it came in a bottle and was refrigerated.

May 14
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Bob. Bob? Bob!

Are you in the market for a new double IPA made with local hops? Yeah, I thought so. See you tonight.

May 08
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A merry old time

Now that our anniversary is over, I can get back to our regular schedule of telling you all about how great our anniversary was.