Oct 30
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A cavalcade of IPAs

We have not one but FOUR IPAs on tap now! Also: no retail tomorrow night, on Halloween.

Oct 21
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Beer for pudding brains

In a bit of a twist on the Music Box concept, Dan watches Doctor Who and drinks beer and gets incredibly self indulgent.

Oct 16
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Back in black

The End Is Rye this week, MORE Singularity next week, plus stew and Cheetos and other fun stuff.

Oct 14
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15 beers: a 33 beers interlude

In the third* (* he lost the second book: post coming TBD) entry in the 33 Beers series, Dan tackles a different notebook format.

Oct 02
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Don’t be SAD, it’s still Beer Week!

We still have much of our Beer Week beer, plus tomorrow: the surprise return of Stout Affective Disorder! All this and links aplenty.