Aug 28
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Rye, Drafts and… Beer Week!

We announce our Buffalo Beer Week dance card, and then get down to business with our fourth book club.

Aug 21
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Festive-ale & The End Is Rye

More beer is available right now! And tomorrow! And next week! And early next month! There is SO MUCH BEER, everybody.

Aug 14
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The Posse

This week: Alex Placito Has A Posse. Next week: The End Is Rye. Will the puns ever stop? It's doubtful.

Aug 07
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Tripods and Riots

There's still some Tripod left, though you should hurry in, plus: a contest!

Aug 05
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The Beer of Myst’ree

For August's Session Dan reminisces on the time when a beer got the better of him, which came at a slightly inopportune time.