Jul 29
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Neurogastronomy: an experiment

After having stumbled across the field of neurogastronomy, where your perception of flavor can be influenced by outside factors, Dan decides to dive in with some tests. (the tests are drinking beer and listening to music, so yes he would have done that ANYWAY, but now it's for science)

Jul 24
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We might not have any Singularities for a few weeks, but we do have something available for samples today that might pique your interest...

Jul 22
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Profiles in CBW: Robert Turley

In the finale -- for now! -- of our profile series, meet the man, the myth, the legend: Robert Turley.

Jul 17
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A mosaic of events

Singularity is gone, but we've got a special cask for you tonight at Blue Monk, plus a series of events in the near future!

Jul 10
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A week of events

We've been nominated as one of the 50 best breweries in the country, so go vote! Plus: a wide assortment of events at which you can see us in the next week.

Jul 08
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Flash Point: Fire Rescue

We return to the beer and gaming format with a cooperative endeavor to put out fires and save people. Beer and dice and explosions and fire and oh god everyone's dead. Presenting: Flash Point.

Jul 03
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Singularity vs Duality

You can get Singularity (Chinook) this very day, but what of Duality? Have any professional photos of Rudy and Ethan been taken recently? We're glad you asked!