Jun 26
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Beer lovers of New York, unite!

We were named Best Local Brewery by Buffalo Spree! To celebrate, we're holding a book signing tonight. (note: correlation does not imply causation)

Jun 24
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Music Box: now powered by SCIENCE

Dan learns he shares his fascination with pairing beer and music with Pete Brown, prominent British beer writer, and that a field exists devoted to studying how the brain perceives flavor: neurogastronomy.

Jun 19
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What do we have on tap now? What will we have on tap soon? What the hell is Cheetah Mikida?

Jun 12
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A trio of markets

Three markets, one weekend! All the beer, all the places you can get it.

Jun 05
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We’re a bookish sort

Not only is the deadline for the preorder for our third book club approaching, but 6/26 we're going to have a book signing at the brewery, as Giancarlo and Sarah Annese stop by with their book Beer Lover's New York!

Jun 03
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Quasitraditional mixing

June's Session, from Boak & Bailey's Beer Blog: make mixes of exactly two beers, from a traditional recipe. Dan's twist: use only the beer that CBW makes.