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Adventures in DC: DuClaw

Dan was in DC on business. He made sure to stop at DuClaw's BWI location on his way home, because, come on: Sweet Baby Jesus.

May 22
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It’s The Double IPA!

We still have a bit of the Klassy NY Pale Ale we made with Big Ditch. Plus: our second book club meeting has happened, so get in on the preorder for Beer & Philosophy now. The discussion is August 20!

May 20
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Does objectively good beer exist? Should we use the verb "to be"?

May 15
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Top of our Klass

The return I didn’t bike to work Tuesday morning. It was pouring. Actually, more accurately it was pouring. I was a little worried about the weather, but by the end of the workday the sun was shining and it was downright hot.

May 13
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Profiles in CBW: Eric Stellrecht

No brewery is an island. Now that we’ve been open for two years we’ve needed some help, and a few stalwart friends have stepped up to the challenge. These are their stories. This week: Eric Stellrecht. Hi. Oh, hello! I didn’t see you there! Tell…

May 08
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More Singularity & The Return of One Rutherford B. Haze

It’s Bidwell time! The Horsefeathers marker was great ((Even if, as predicted, there were no goats on Saturday)). We loved being there, but it’s spring now. Like flowers, the vendors are poking their heads into the fresh air. Starting this week we’ll be at the Bidwell farmer’s market from 8-1 every Saturday! I know I’m…

May 06
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Adventures in DC: ChurchKey

At the end of April I once again found myself in the Washington, DC area. This time I was there for a conference, and so I had flown down alone. Freed from the restrictions I’m usually under when I travel with my family I wanted to make the most of things. As…

May 01
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Behold: Grisette!

Don’t be SAD Stout Affective Disorder was our winter seasonal. It was a dark, hearty beer for a dark, chilling time. It’s spring now ((So says the weatherman, but I don’t go by what he says.))! Spring is no time for a winter beer, and so I regret to inform you that Stout Affective Disorder…