Feb 27
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An extensive list of events

See you tonight That’s right, tonight is the Art of Beer at the Niagara Arts and Cultural Center. Tickets are still available, though you’ve missed out on the advance sales and will have to buy them at the door now (I’ve been telling you to get them for weeks!).

Feb 24
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Adventures in Maryland

It was dinnertime, and I needed a beer. The first day of my vacation had been a lot of fun — Natural History Museum, Shake Shack — but the kids hadn’t napped much. IKEA had let them run out some energy, checking out the various kitchen models, but my nerves were fried. I needed…

Feb 20
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Green bottles and other cask beers

Won’t be long now We’re on the final keg of this batch of The Double IPA. Not only that, but I personally sold more than half of it in growlers after tapping it. My suspicions are that it won’t last through the night, and then you’ll have to wait for next month’s batch of it…

Feb 18
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Music Box 3/4: The Creeker x Spare Parts 2

I picked up the Ithaca Box of Hops: 12 bottles of four different hoppy beers. I considered writing about them on the blog, and realized I’m most happy with my beer writing when I consider the situation in which I’m drinking the beer. Beer tasting is subjective and influenced by everything from your…

Feb 13
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The continuing adventures of Francis Q Singularity

Singularity Goes North Singularity (Falconer’s Flight) has come and gone, but that just means that we’ve got the next installment of our single hop IPA series in the pipeline. We’ve had (Columbus), (Centennial), (Simcoe) and (Falconer’s Flight), and the fifth entry was brewed this week: Singularity (Northern Brewer). Expect it in a few weeks! Rudy’s working up…

Feb 11
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Beer Travels

I don’t travel as much as I should. It’s hard, what with two jobs and a family, to head to Vermont or the west coast or Colorado. It’s actually been almost two years since my last trip anywhere (St. Maarten excluded), and in that time the craft beer scene has exploded, grown and…

Feb 06
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A trio of returning beer

Rompin’, Stompin’ The big news this week is of the impending opening of Buffalo’s very own Dinosaur Bar-B-Que. We’re excited, and not just for the brisket: when you head in for some low-and-slow cooked meats, you’ll be able to find us on tap! (For the sake of transparency I have to admit that I’m doubtful…

Feb 04
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Well. I was quite happy to read the topic for this month’s Session, coming courtesy of Literature & Libation: “Alternative” Reviews: I want to see something that lets me know what you thought of the beer (good or…