Dec 31
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How easily our ship is steered

December is waning, and that means Friday is the first of the new month: time for the Session! This month’s beer bloggery topic comes from The Bake and Brew, with the topic “Against the Grain”: How much is our taste or opinion of…

Dec 26
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Post-Christmas is my favorite genre of music

Let’s start off with the most important bit: There is no retail today, 12/26. We’re still basking in the glow of our tree lights (as well as food comas nested, Inception style). There is retail tomorrow and Saturday as usual, however. But: we’ve got beer! Lots of beer, in all shapes and sizes. Well, just the…

Dec 24
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Another carol for your holidays

I thought this was a Christmas tradition, but apparently not: two years ago I rewrote The Night Before Christmas (though, rereading it, a lot of the meter is terrible). I skipped 2011 (like a jerk), and then last year wrote Rudy the Local Brewer. This year, I present: to the theme of…

Dec 19
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Baskets, hats and Singularity

Christmastime is here We’ve got a few changes coming up to the ol’ retail hours in the next week. This week’s just peachy. Business as usual. cap’n. But! We’re open Monday, 3-7! Frank will be home for Christmas, in your dreams and in your glass. As a tradeoff: there’s no retail next Thursday, 12/26. Go sledding that…

Dec 17
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Risk Legacy, The Finale: The Unstable Orbit

This post explicitly talks about every secret aspect of Risk Legacy that some people may wish to keep unspoiled. I sat at Sterling Place, beginning to worry that Risk Legacy was actually Jumanji. We had opened the “Do Not Open. Ever.” packet. Since then Justin had been afflicted with any number of ailments. His car…

Dec 12
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As it was foretold

The return It’s back, ladies and gentlemen. Starting today, until it runs out, we once again have The Double IPA. If you’ve forgotten: it’s a 9.25% abv beer, surprisingly enough a double IPA, which is similar in name but not in flavor to The IPA….

Dec 10
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The Community Beer Works Holiday Podcast Extravaganza!

(iTunes link coming soon) Alex Placito and I love podcasts. We’ve traded suggestions — Harmontown, Welcome to Night Vale — and have occasionally talked about doing one of our own. So, after my pumpkin beer post last month, when he…

Dec 05
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A song of casks and fire

Cask Festival! This Friday and Saturday (that’s starting tomorrow, at least if you’re reading this Thursday) is the Buffalo Cask Festival. It’s one of Rudy’s favorite events, and as…

Dec 03
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A trip to Chicago

It’s December, which means it’s time for the Session! For this installment of the monthly beer blogger get together, Beers I’ve Known gives us the topic “Beery Yarns”: This month I’m going to give you plenty of scope for originality by setting…