Aug 29
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A weekend of food

The pyramid Well, that was a fun weekend. You may have seen the picture at right on Facebook, because Ethan thought it was pretty damn cool. It’s a shot of all the kegs we went through this weekend between Bidwell and the Elmwood Village Festival of the Arts.

Aug 27
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I’m writing this from Sint Maarten (yes, still). From a craft beer standpoint, this tiny island could fairly accurately be called “a wasteland.” Sure, there’s the kind of Guinness I actually like, and all manner of light lagers, but in terms of the sheer variety of beer made by companies that…

Aug 22
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Even this grave has been defaced

I. Hops ride alone Last August we released a limited amount of “Wet Frank”. It was Frank, but the centennial hops we used to dry hop it were actually “wet”: that is, fresh off the bine from McCollum Orchards in Lockport. (Yes, it is bine and not vine and don’t say beer doesn’t teach you things) Well,…

Aug 20
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The beers of Sint Maarten

I don’t take naps unless I’m very sick or very tired. The soothing beats of Peace Orchestra fill my ears as I admit how very tired I am and try to nap on the plane. I nearly succeed in falling asleep, of beating my natural inclinations and the discomfort in laying my head…

Aug 16
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Thirsty Thursday In Absentia

Without question, I began writing this post on a Thursday. Whether I complete it before the midnight hour remains…

Aug 13
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Risk Legacy, Part Eight: Fresh Meat

This post explicitly talks about some late-game aspects of Risk Legacy that some people may wish to keep unspoiled. They are: “after all nine minor cities have been founded”, “a player signs the board twice”, “a player has been eliminated”, “three missiles are fired on the same turn”, “Do Not Open. Ever.” It had…

Aug 08
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Festivals abound

It’s Brewfest o’clock! You can never have too many beer festivals, right? No, you cannot. Hot on the heels of Belgium Comes to Cooperstown, tomorrow is the Buffalo Brewfest! Tickets are still available, so if you’re interested in a night of beer with us and many other breweries you should come on down! I…

Aug 06
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BCTC (Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Ferris Wheel)

I arrive at the Ommegang brewery and look over the sprawling city of tents. Two of them contain Rudy and Ethan, but of course I neglected to coordinate logistics beyond “I’ll show up in the morning,” so they could be in any of them. No matter. It’s four hours before pouring starts. I have…

Aug 01
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Cooperstown, IPAs, More Information!

Let’s not bury the lede We’ve got some bad news: due to staffing issues related to Belgium Comes to Cooperstown, we will not be open for growlers fills tomorrow, 8/2. We’re sorry, and we hope this doesn’t inconvenience anyone. But, well, three of us are going to be out of town so we can pour beer…