Jul 30
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Embeer Buffalo: the elevator pitch

It’s time again for The Session, the monthly gathering of beer bloggers around a common topic. I’ve been enjoying writing them, and this month’s is right up my alley. From beer bar band: Blogging is indulgent. Most of us do it for free…

Jul 25
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It’s that time of year

What time, you ask? Why, beer festival time! Next weekend is Belgium Comes to Cooperstown. I’m personally incredibly excited, since I’ve wanted to attend for years now: each year I’d say “Next year!” and, without fail, the next year I’d forget or be busy. “Next year!” I’d say. This year I’m going as a…

Jul 23
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I woke up shortly before 4:30 am today. I stumbled downstairs and cranked a dial, preheating our espresso machine. No one should be awake at 4:30 am without espresso. I made myself a double shot and downed it as I made two for my wife: one as a latte to go, the other for an…

Jul 18
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Great advances in brewing

“What do you drink, my lord?” “Beer, beer, beer.” That’s how it goes, right? Anyway: if you’ve forgotten that our fancypants tapbox is now fully functional then you may have also forgotten that we’re using our 10 taps and a dream to feature brewery-only specials as we’re able. The first, Espresso Whale, is still available! Rudy whipped up…

Jul 16
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Risk Legacy, Part Seven: Linalool and Goodbyes

This post explicitly talks about some late-game aspects of Risk Legacy that some people may wish to keep unspoiled. They are: “after all nine minor cities have been founded”, “a player signs the board twice”, “a player has been eliminated”, “three missiles are fired on the same turn”, “Do Not Open. Ever.” The Monday…

Jul 11
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Tap dancing

Christmas in June It’s here, it’s here! Technically it’s been here for quite a while, but it is now operational. I’m speaking, of course, of our tapbox. Let’s take a look at this beauty: You might…

Jul 10
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On earwax and love

Today is my anniversary. We’ve been married for eight years, which, hot damn. That’s a lot of years. I was going to post the most recent Risk Legacy recap, and in fact have it 3/4 written, but when we got home from dinner my wife said that I should instead write about how awesome…

Jul 04
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A quick one

Are you reading this today? That’s a dumb question. Of course you’re reading this today. You can’t be reading it in the past or future, only now. The question is, more accurately, “When is now?” This has quickly turned into either a philosophy class or a Spaceballs reenactment and I can’t quite tell which. Anyway, what…

Jul 02
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The IPA Hegemony

It’s the first week of the month, meaning it’s time for July’s Session, when beer bloggers get together and talk about a common theme. This month, Justin’s Brew Review is hosting the topic “IPA: What’s the Big Deal?” For quite some…