Apr 08
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Squibs 10

Welcome to Squibs: your highly unpredictable yet oddly compelling look into the mind & reading habits of CBW President Ethan Cox. I was considering bi-weekly…. and then, I reconsidered. I like “whenever,” because scarcity = value. But you can at least count on Sunday night releases- I’ll give you that much. Maybe. [caption id=”attachment_4675″…

Apr 30
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On going pro

This Friday is the May 2013 Session: that monthly gathering of beer bloggers to talk about one subject. When I started blogging for CBW I stopped participating in it, because I figured it was weird to talk about other breweries as a business myself. The whole point of the My Embeered…

Apr 25
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Imminent Bidwell

It’s that time again! Can you believe that summer is already nearly here? In just three Saturdays’ time we’ll once again be there bright eyed and bushy tailed* from 8 til 1 at the Bidwell farmer’s market (*eye brightness and tail bushiness not guaranteed). Last year was our first foray into pouring growlers directly…

Apr 23
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Risk Legacy, Part Three: Things get bloody

This post explicitly talks about some late-game aspects of Risk Legacy that some people may wish to keep unspoiled. They are: “after all nine minor cities have been founded”, and in The Aftermath “a player signs the board twice” and “a player has been eliminated.” Risk Legacy was getting serious. We opened our…

Apr 20
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How Community Beer Works came to be

The story of Community Beer Works started long ago, well before you or I had first opened our eyes to see the blue sky, or indeed before any person had set foot on the ground on which we now sit. The story begins back in the time when giants walked the earth, digging rivers…

Apr 18
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It’s nearly Saturday!

Beerology: Well, that was fun! Thanks to everyone who stopped by at Beerology last Saturday. Rudy and I (and Ethan, after retail hours were over) had a blast talking to everyone and trying the excellent beer and food on display. I even manned the Roc station for a few minutes, which I’m sure caused…

Apr 16
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A different kind of legacy

Keen-eyed readers will note that last week there was not a third installment of Risk Legacy. We had to cancel it, but never fear: it will return next week! (and stay tuned to our Twitter account where I’ll probably swear at the other players some more when we play tomorrow…

Apr 11
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Snowday in April

Beerology This Saturday is Beerology at the Buffalo Museum of Science. You like science, right? I know you like beer.  There were less than a dozen tickets left as of this morning, so if you’ve been holding out (why would you ever do that?) you should get to it! “Well,” you say, “what will you…

Apr 09
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A triptych, on balance

Ethan and I have mentioned Beer-O-Vision, our pre-CBW beer blog, quite a bit. It’s true! I used to do this as a hobby, albeit without the “hey we’re making beer too” element. Back then we would participate in The Session pretty regularly, and now that I’m back to what’s essentially beer…

Apr 04
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It works.

Beerology approaches In little more than a week the Buffalo Museum of Science will be inundated by beer lovers for its annual Beerology: do you have tickets? VIP tickets have already sold out, with regular admission close behind I’m sure. It sells out every year, so if you’d like to pair beer with