Mar 28
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De Maas in the Nickel City

NIPAC! …Oh. The National IPA Challenge is done. I’m just so used to including a section in my weekly updates. It feels weird without it. Well, okay, while we’re here, you know we took second place out of 128, right? Of course you do. But, dammit, I’m going to take the opportunity to brag…

Mar 26
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Risk Legacy, Part Two: No Back Is Safe

The stage was set. The battle had started, and after the first skirmish I was on top. Let me go back. Five local beer lovers — myself, Julia Burke, Justin Frost, Matt Kahn and Alex Placito — are gathering biweekly to drink some great beer and play Risk Legacy, a streamlined version of…

Mar 21
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The IPA: Now with more silver

Note: The IPA does not contain any actual silver and should not be considered a viable werewolf control solution. NIPAC! NIPAC! The Brewing News‘ National IPA Championship is over. I know we’ll all miss the thrills, the sport of it all and the antici pation. I’ll…

Mar 19
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The preference of stouts on one male blogger: a case report and one year follow up

Abstract Using a holiday as an excuse for a blog post, I conducted a double blind study to determine which of two dry Irish stouts served in “widgetized” cans I preferred. Introduction Sunday was Saint Patrick’s Day. As the name “Conley” might imply, I’m part Irish. As the name “Conley” also implies, I’m a heavily Anglicized…

Mar 14
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On snow and racers

Snow Day Right, that snowfall yesterday was our fault. Sorry. I mean, not to get all “colors of the wind” on you, but it’s not exactly like the universe could let us launch a beer named The Snow without it actually snowing, right?

Mar 12
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Risk Legacy, Part One: The beginning

The Idea I love board games. I love beer. I’m not the only person with these interests, I knew, so from the inception of the idea for My Embeered Life I knew I wanted to feature games heavily. I’ve wanted to play

Mar 07
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Let the beer flow

Blast Off! Next Saturday, March 16, CBW is launching at Consumer’s! There will be three locations at first: Orchard Park, Transit and Sheridan. All three will be getting Frank and The Whale, but only Orchard Park will have a tasting with us there to talk to, admire and adore. That runs from 1-4, so come…

Mar 05
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Session beers

As I’ve said a few times already, at the end of January I became a father of two. Being the parent of a newborn, I’ve found, has an impact on my beer consumption. To be more precise, it kills it dead. One of the great things about a big beer is that it’s perfect…