Feb 28
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Two weeks ago I announced that we’d soon be featured on tap at Consumer’s Beverages for growler fills of Frank and The Whale. At the time my best guess for the timing was “sometime next month,” but we’ve collapsed that waveform and have…

Feb 26
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Reentering the atmosphere

This blog series, separate from Thirsty Thursday, stemmed from a deep feeling of dissatisfaction. I felt like I was out of touch with beer culture. Because I was, really: working at a brewery has given me easy access to great beer (I know I have to say that, being an owner, but I also do…

Feb 21
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We’re taking over

Sweet 16? I thought our IPA rather dry. This past Saturday was round one of the National IPA Championship, run by the Brewing News. 128 IPAs entered, including Flying Bison, three entries from Pearl Street and, oh yes, CBW’s The IPA! In round one…

Feb 20
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Welcome to the new experiment

The natural response to having less free time is to try and jam more into it, right? At the very same time that I was asking Ethan to cover for me after the birth of daughter of mine I was also planning ways to add…

Feb 14
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He’s come to a sticky end / Don’t think he will ever mend

Did you hear? Let’s start this week off with a reminder that you’re now getting twice the content for your money! In addition to the weekly Thirsty Thursday posts, featuring news and updates about the brewery and our offerings, I’ve started a Tuesday series where I talk about more beer-adjacent topics. I’m calling it…

Feb 12
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The Long Overdue Kickstarter Post, Part Two

Now that I’ve given a brief overview of the state of Kickstarter and what does and doesn’t belong (with the caveat that I am “just zis guy, you know?” and not some sort of business guru), let’s get down to the specifics of our campaign: what we did right and…

Feb 07
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It’s remarkably easy to write with a baby sleeping on you

Seasonalia You know how, at concerts, there’s that period when the band finishes their main set and walks offstage but the house lights haven’t come back on and you know there’s going to be an encore, but they’re making you wait for it and chant their name as though a lack of sufficient devotion…

Feb 04
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Squibs 9

Welcome to CBW Squibs: Your periodic journey into the ridiculous musings of CBW President, Ethan Cox. I’m considering bi-weekly; it’s a comfortable pace for me. But we’ll see- Dan’s so good at this blog-thing, and I have plenty of other hats to wear, after all. What I am most certainly doing is taking…