Dec 27
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Put a bow on it

Welcome to the last Thirsty Thursday update of 2012! Wow. My finger’s going to have to get used to moving all the way over to the 3. 2013. No sir, I don’t like it. Assuming a plow has come somewhere near your street (on a completely unrelated note thanks to my neighbor for helping…

Dec 21
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Rudy the Local Brewer

To the theme of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Rudy the local brewer had a very shiny whisk. And if you ever saw it you’d wanna hold it in your fist. All of the other brewers laughed because…

Dec 13
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Beer for the holidays

Did everyone get down to Cole’s and Mister Goodbar this weekend for the Buffalo Cask Festival? I certainly hope so, because it was a wonderful time. Regrettably, I only had a half pint myself: I stopped in on my way to the brewery before Friday’s retail hours, but the selection was such that…

Dec 07
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Casks & Glasses

You know, things have been so exciting around here that I’ve neglected to mention something pretty cool! Just in time for Festivus, we have a prepaid growler card available for purchase. It gets you 10 growler fills (64 oz, of course) for $100. Those of you proficient in the dark art of mathematics have…