Nov 29
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Nano Nano

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! It was, at the very least, well embeered. We’re back on our regular schedule again: 3-7 Thursday, 3-8 Friday, 10-8 Saturday, but that should still be plenty of time for you to get your growlers filled for whatever non-state-sponsored-gluttony events you’ve got. There is still a…

Nov 23
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Giving thanks

The problem with Thirsty Thursday, of course, is that once a year it falls on Thanksgiving. I don’t expect any of you are reading this on the actual Thursday: I’m writing it after we’ve gotten home from a long day of overindulgence, as is the American Way™. After dinner tonight, as we finished off…

Nov 15
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Funkrays and Thanksgiving

Editor’s note: this post is from 2012! If you’re looking for the pairings, they’re down below Did you realize Thanksgiving is only a week away? Well, you probably did, because you have a better grasp on time than I do. But it is! This means that it’s time to start thinking about the…

Nov 08
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Well, that was fun!

Buffalo Beer Week 2012 has come and gone, and what a great time it was! Hopefully everyone made it out to at least one or two events, because you certainly had a variety to choose from. Since we last spoke CBW had two events: the beer mob at the Nortel and a beer pairing…

Nov 01
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So this is Beer Week

I assume everyone reading this has been to at least one event for Buffalo Beer Week since it started last Friday. If not… you do live out of state, right? Otherwise you seriously need to reconsider your life choices thus far. Before I recap what’s happened, let’s look ahead at our schedule for the…