Sep 27
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IPA, VBM, GYBE, ZBA and other acronyms

Good afternoon, beer lovers. You do remember that we’re open Thursdays as well as Fridays from 3-7, yes? And that we recently announced that we’ll fill your kegs with beer if you drop them off with some notice? Excellent! Our…

Sep 20
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Manifest Destiny

Longtime readers of the CBW blog will know that I tend to go through trends in posting topics. For instance, there was a solid two months in the spring where I didn’t talk about anything but building a walk in cooler. Lately it’s been “We’ll have an expanded capacity soon, I swear, more…

Sep 13
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The Bippee Beebee

This Saturday is the Ballpark Brew Bash, or the BPBB if you’re short on time. Pardon us if we sound a bit like broken records, but there are quite likely people who haven’t heard about this yet! We’re going to be bringing De Maas along with Frank with an added kick: we’ll have…

Sep 06
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Get some Reprise… Today

Thanks to everyone who came out to Gene McCarthy’s on Tuesday for the release of The Jam #3: Reprise IPA. It was a fun night filled with great beer and conversation, and it wouldn’t have been possible without you. There should still be some Reprise left now if you missed it and need…