Aug 30
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Not if we… jam it!

Don’t you feel like your life needs more De Maas? Well, it’s your lucky day: our Belgian Amber, first available at this year’s Buffalo Brewfest, is going out to Blue Monk today. Cole’s and Mister Goodbar will get it on Monday, but hey: Belgian bar, Belgian beer… it works.

Aug 23
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Wet Frank; De Maas; Jam #3; oh my!

Last week I talked about a Very Special Episode version of Frank, our pale ale. We took fresh-off-the-bine (yes, bine) Centennial hops from McCollum Orchards and used it to dry hop — er, wet hop? — a double batch of Frank. The result, Wet Frank, is by its nature a limited run…

Aug 16
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Get your hop picking on!

What a Brewfest! Thank you to everyone who came out: our line was consistently among the longest, crowds report, with one estimate that ours was three times as long. Everyone seemed to enjoy our offerings, especially newcomer De Maas. Didn’t get a chance to try De Maas at the Brewfest? You’re not alone (me…

Aug 09
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The Brewfest is nigh!

Many people found out about our upstart nanobrewery at last year’s Buffalo Brewfest. It was great to tell people about our plans, and to see how excited people were. Of course, there were also some people who were understandably disappointed that we didn’t have any actual beer for them at the beer festival. This year, of…

Aug 02
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IPAs and apocrypha

Today is IPA Day! Which, yeah, doesn’t necessarily make a ton of sense. It’s a little like asking someone if they’ve watched that “American Idol” show on the teevee. But, dangit, I’ve got a blog post to write! So today we’re going to talk about IPAs. The thing is, despite being insanely…