Jul 26
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A pair of introductions

You know how sometimes our weekly update is essentially “everything’s still going great, nothing to report,” but with a layer of entertaining wordplay mixed in? (…he wrote, humbly) Well, this week is nothing like that. Strap in for  excitement! Introducing The Jam #2: The Answer IPA

Jul 19
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Fracking growlers!

This morning I saw that @BuffaloRach had tweeted to us and Kegworks: What’s the best way to clean a growler? “Great!” I thought. “I can answer it on the blog today!” And then, of course, Kegworks answered first. Thanks, guys. I guess you’re not the winner of Buffalo’s small company Social Madness challenge for…

Jul 12
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On Embeering

We say “Embeer Buffalo!” quite a lot around here. Even just amongst ourselves! It’s a silly phrase that reflects our silly (well, cheeky) personalities. But what does it actually mean? Since we created it it’s really up to us to define it. Here’s the…

Jul 10
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Squibs 7

Growlers! Founders Brewing! Rohall's Corner! Beer v. Church! Local Beer! Beer Jelly! All this and more (except the "more" part) in Squibs 7.

Jul 05
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“The patriotic thing”

This country was built on the backbone of beer. Okay, that’s a tremendous exaggeration. It’s essentially a lie. But, hey, I thought I’d provide a sensationalist quote that could be taken out of context. I mean, Ben Franklin never actually said “Beer is proof god loves us and wants us to be happy”:…