Jun 28
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Laurels? Pshaw.

We’ve begun to settle in our routine here at CBW. There are brewdays, there are meeting days, there are days when we go to the Bidwell farmer’s market. Sometimes two of those happen at the same time. We’ve gotten a good grip on what it means to be a brewery. Which means, of course,…

Jun 21
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Also sprach brite tanks

Let’s get the important bits out of the way first, in case you get distracted or have to go make a sandwich or you discover your room is actually on fire. This very night, Thursday 6/21, we’ll once again have retail hours from 3-7pm. Come by and get a growler! See the space. We’ll…

Jun 14
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Retail & Vexillology

Last week’s farmer’s market was even more surprising than the first. We brought more beer, and despite the everpresent threat and/or delivery of rain, we sold nearly all of it. One of the questions we had to answer quite a lot was, of course, “When can I get a growler filled at the brewery?” How’s…

Jun 07
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The early bird gets the beer

Last Saturday we woke up early and headed to the Bidwell farmer’s market. It was our fourth time at the market, but in the past we’ve only brought promises and t shirts. “We’re opening a brewery!” we’d cheerfully say. “When?” At that we’d scratch our heads and shrug a bit. “We don’t know….