May 31
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See you at Bidwell

It’s been wonderful to actually have an answer for people when they ask when and where they can drink our beer. We had gotten as sick of saying “We don’t know, soon hopefully!” as you had of hearing it. Of course, that’s been replaced with “So, are you filling growlers yet?” We avert our…

May 24
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730 days of Community Beer Works

Er, 731 days. Thanks, leap year. Exactly two years ago, I went to my friend Ethan’s house. My homebrewing and beer blogging compatriot had an idea that I desperately wanted in on: he wanted to start a brewery. Six of us sat in his basement (with Matt there in spirit) as we discussed the…

May 17
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On Beerology

Last year, if you wandered into the far corner of Beerology, past the German documentary and the homebrew club, you would have found a table with two men sitting behind it. “We don’t have any beer,” they would have said apologetically. “We’re starting a brewery, though!” They would have been more…

May 10
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Waffles. Science. Beer!

What are you doing tomorrow night? Do you like food? We do. That’s why we’ll be going to Sweet_ness 7 tomorrow: it will be a fun night of food, with waffles, bakery items and Roaming Buffalo’s guest chef Amelia Nussbaumer. We won’t have any beer, so please don’t get your hopes up,…

May 03
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Events! Oh my!

This past Tuesday, the kitchen at Blue Monk closed down so that it could host the Blue Monk Meet the Brewers Beer Dinner with CBW. People seemed to have a good time at the five course dinner, which perhaps is best told pictorially through Storify. Couldn’t make it on Tuesday? Made it but wish…