Apr 26
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It remains real

Last Friday, you all drank 150 gallons of our beer. Let’s think about that. That is a lot of beer. By 8:30, Mister Goodbar was out of Frank. Dave left in the middle of the event to deliver more kegs to both bars. They’ve been restocked since then, of course. Fresh kegs of each were delivered…

Apr 23
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Squibs 6

Welcome to Squibs: Your sporadic (read: infrequent), Morning Grumpy-styled window into the head of C.B.W. President Ethan Cox. Now available in HiDef!

Apr 19
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See you on the flip side

This will be the last Thirsty Thursday post before you’ve had our beer. Let’s all take a moment to think about that. Oh,…

Apr 05
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We will be brewing beer for sale this Saturday

And how absolutely cool is that? This morning, Greg sipped a porcelain cup filled with Earl Grey tea. Nibbling on a small cucumber sandwich, he asked, “Is everything finished?” “Yes,”…