Feb 23
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Les réseaux sociaux

There’s been an awful lot of talk about construction in our updates recently. Which is because construction is pretty much done (hooray!), so it’s been a big focus for us. I admit, however, that I am not the person who knows about that sort of thing. Greg and Dave told me what to…

Feb 16
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When? Addendum

I was already to write a post about beer social networks (particularly Pintley vs Untappd), but then so much news happened that, gosh darn it, I just have to post about it instead. Power Last week, I said: We’re getting an upgraded service from National Grid, but first they need to replace the current hole-riddled pole….

Feb 09
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Ethan got into this a bit earlier this week, but when writing weekly updates on what’s going on with the brewery it can be easy to forget that “construction is coming along nicely; look, coolers!” is interesting but has no real information on definite dates. This is partly because we don’t know any…

Feb 02
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Mmm, food

I’m writing this while hungry. That seems like a bad idea. Construction is progressing on the brewery. Yet again I’ll be giving you all a break from…

Feb 07
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Squibs 5

Welcome to Squibs 5, the 2012 Tra-la-la edition. I write when the spirit moves me–ok, well, to be perfectly honest, that is a necessary but not sufficient condition.  I also need to have free time and can’t write these on my smartphone, so it’s also critical to have a real computer before me….