Jan 26
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The old switcheroo

This week we’re going to talk about Kickstarter and construction. But! To mix it up a bit, it won’t be about us! Kickstarter I don’t know how it escaped our collective attention, but there’s a

Jan 19
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Make it rain!

Now that our Kickstarter has been funded, it’s time to spend lots of money. On cool stuff, though! Firstly Kickstarter. The stickers and coasters are done, and now we’re focusing on the glasses and growlers. They’ll take about a month to produce, so we’ll likely be waiting on them before everything is ready. If you…

Jan 12
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A trio of topics

I promised you one week away from Kickstarter topics. Sorry. Item the first: Glassware Technically, this is also about shirts. But! The growlers and pint glasses for our Kickstarter backers should be ordered by tomorrow. This is essentially only waiting on me, as I have to actually create the final images for the growlers, and…

Jan 05
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Tyvek (Or: A post that doesn’t talk about Kickstarter at all, except right there)

Building coolers yourself is hard work. It will be worth it in the end, especially because I’ll be able to say “Hey, see that? I helped make that.” As someone who does not self-identify as “handy,” this is a nifty proposition. (It is worth noting, however, that I received a wet-dry vacuum from my…