Dec 30
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Howdy, stickers

Ah, the week between Christmas and New Year’s. When nothing ever gets done, right? Well, yes and no. It’s true that we all took some time to relax and enjoy our families. After everyone had left on Christmas evening I settled in with my bottle of Heatwave, the prototype American Barleywine that Rudy had made,…

Dec 22
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Getting down to work

Now that Kickstarter is over, you’d think that we would be sitting back and taking turns diving through our pile of money, McDuck-like. Far from it! We offered the ability to give a pledge as a gift for Christmas, Hanukkah, Festivus or what-have-you, and I was pleased to see that people took us up on…

Dec 15
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Kickstarter: It’s over

After 42 days, 237 backers came together and raised $17,516.57 for our project. That’s $417.06 per day, though of course some days were better than others. I’ll write a long post sometime in the future with more information and advice for anyone thinking of doing their own Kickstarter project. It may be a…

Dec 09
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The final stretch: upping the Kickstarter ante

There’s less than a week left in our Kickstarter project. We’re currently funded at $16,367, or 109% of our goal. We will be getting the money, and that is very, very exciting. Last week’s post laid out the case for why you should still donate. It’s still worth reading, and even if…

Dec 01
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All I Want For Christmas Is An SLA License

Well, and a hoola hoop, of course. Last Friday, while the rest of us were off devouring turkey and stuffing and then later more turkey and stuffing, the US Postal Service continued the swift completion of their appointed rounds. Maybe you got some junk mail or an early Christmas card. We received the receipt…

Dec 05
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Profiles in CBW: Greg Patterson-Tanski, Architect Extraordinaire

Community Beer Works will be opening in a few short months. We’ve been blogging weekly for a year and a half, but the people behind the beer may still be a mystery to many of you. To remedy that, Mondays will now feature a brief Q&A and profile of an owner of the…