Oct 26
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Horsefeathers: the recap

I’d like to thank everyone who came up to talk to us at the grand opening of the Horsefeathers community market. It was a great event and the space seems well suited to many similar events in the future. Plus, you know, I finally got to try Lloyd’s. OMFN. [caption id=”attachment_1103″…

Oct 16
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On feathers and mills

When our construction started, Greg sent everyone at CBW an email. He warned us that it would be a slow start, but that it would pick up and the big changes would come. He’s an architect, so I figured he knew what he was talking about. Sure enough, the first week saw little…

Oct 14
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A busy week

This week we at Community Beer Works, and Ethan in particular, found ourselves busy. The big event, of course, was TedX Buffalo. Buffalo’s first conference of “ideas worth spreading” went wonderfully, and was kicked off by Ethan…

Oct 07
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They’re letting us back in public again

It’s true, it’s true, it’s all true. CBW is once again hitting the ol’ I-R-L. To begin: did you know this Tuesday is TedX Buffalo? It is! From 9-5 there will…