Sep 30
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Exit Through the Growler Filling Shop

One of the benefits of my Muggle job is that I’m essentially left to my own devices during the day. My two monitors provide enough screen real estate to work and also watch videos (no, really, it actually helps me concentrate). Today I watched Exit Through the Gift Shop, the Banksy documentary about street…

Sep 22
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So it begins!

This Monday, the largest ever gathering of the CBW family convened at Santasiero’s. Five owners, three wives, four sons and one daughter managed to take up the entire back room, and we supped on spaghetti, eggplant parmesan, pasta fagioli and other Italian delights.

Sep 15
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Oh deer

I just… I couldn’t avoid that pun in the title. I hope you’ll forgive me. This is old news for those keeping up in the beer blog world (the blogosbeer? Okay, I’m done. That’s probably a lie.), but BrewDog is at it again, both in terms of “insanely high alcohol beer” and “non…

Sep 09
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A sudden flurry of activity

I had planned a different post for today. One that was our collective take on a bit of brewing news. And then, as I sat down to write it, I realized that there’s just too much exciting stuff to talk about. I’ll try to do the first “CBW Roundtable” tomorrow — three posts…

Sep 18
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Squibs 2

1) While I appreciate & agree with the overall point of this article, I think it could be made with a little less demonizing of alcohol.  Perhaps it was beyond the scope of a short report in, but can’t we all admit that while yes, teenagers/college students will always drink,…

Sep 02
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What are we going to do? Road trip.

Ok, so you know where to find good beer in Western New York.  You know what brands are available and what beers you like from each brand.  You’ve got a guy at your local good bottle shop that calls you when something rare and delicious comes in.  But you find you’re going on…

Sep 07
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The Afternoon “Cheerio!”

Ok, so that’s an in-joke, probably, or not- the title refers to Chris Smith’s lamented column at, The Morning Grumpy.  Like him, I spend probably a little too much time scanning news & views, and it seems perfectly squibbish to rack a few from the fermenter, so to speak, from time to…