Aug 29
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Squib has a lot of definitions… says it can mean a. A small firecracker. b. A broken firecracker that burns but does not explode. By extension, a squib is also a dud round of ammunition, one that doesn’t even quite make it out of the barrel… (and it’s the next shot that’ll really screw…

Aug 26
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Thoughts on Kickstarter for breweries

Last night, shortly before I went to bed, a friend from my Halo days tweeted a link to a Kickstarter project for a brewery starting up in Austin. This was, as they say, relevant to my interests. For those unfamiliar with Kickstarter, it’s a great idea: artists, inventors and other creative…

Aug 19
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Up and at dem

The first two weeks of August saw two events with CBW in the wild. People came, they saw, they signed up for our mailing list. It was an incredible amount of fun, but we’re now retreating back into our bunker. We’ll still be around, of course, but at this point there aren’t any…

Aug 11
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The Brewfest Report

A hearty thanks to everyone who came to see us last Friday at the Buffalo Brewfest. I was a little worried about the reception we’d get: after all, it was an event where people came to drink beer, and we had only our smiles and a pile of t shirts. [caption id=”attachment_955″ align=”alignleft”…