Jul 29
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Bugs and Brewfests

To begin: you do have your tickets to the Buffalo Brewfest, don’t you? We ask because it’s good beer, for a good cause. Oh, and we’ll be there too. There’s that. I hinted on Twitter that we’d have something new for sale there. We won’t say what it is just yet: let’s build…

Jul 22
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Back into the thick of it

We’ve said it before, and on the blog to boot, but there hasn’t been a post fully devoted to it. So: On Friday, July 8, 2011, we received our TTB Brewer’s Notice. This is one of the biggest hurdles we’ve crossed. It took 171 days, but we have it. It’s ours! Huzzah. There has been…

Jul 15
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On beer elitism

I used to consider myself a beer snob. I don’t anymore, and I think I’ve talked about this in the past. I do still quite like beer, and by that I mean good beer, but I try not to go out of my way to be a prick about it. I have had exactly…

Jul 11
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Blogging from the inside

Yeah, I have not posted in awhile. But here I am!  There are just a few things on my mind and well… I have a soapbox, er, blog.  So, getting down to it… The first, really the big point is related to the title.  Before Community Beer Works, there was Beer-O-Vision, the blog…

Jul 08
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Community Beer Works to trademark a series of digits

July 7, 2011 – Buffalo, NY – Community Beer Works is proud to announce today that it has filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office, requesting the trade and service marks for the digits 716. This decision came about after the announcement that Anheuser Busch was seeking the trademarks of area codes…

Jul 01
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Not resting; never resting

Buffalo Beer Week is over. Our TTB application, while not officially approved, soon will be. The Words With Friends tournament progresses, but nears its conclusion without any of us. You would think that we would be resting. Complacent. Not so! Buffalo Beer Week was an undeniable success, and while planning for next year will begin soon…