Jun 24
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In the throes of Buffalo Beer Week

How’s Buffalo Beer Week been treating you? Hopefully you’ve found time to go to at least one of the multiple events being held daily. Either way, the week is still truckin’ ever…

Jun 21
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Let’s get NYS Senate Bill 1315 to the floor

Yes, we know, the state senate should really be focusing its energy on silly things like ensuring all people are treated like actual human beings with basic rights. But there’s another important issue they need to address as well: the rights of small brewers vs distributors. S1315 is currently in the Rules…

Jun 17
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We will, we will, get a TTB license

That doesn’t fit the rhythm, I know. And yet I can’t bring myself to care. I was going to talk primarily about how next week is Buffalo Beer Week — and it is, and I will, in a little bit — but then Dave dropped a bomb on us. You see, while not official,…

Jun 10
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BarCamp, github and brewing history

So, yesterday was BarCamp Buffalo. Now, that might be slightly misleading: yes, it has bar in the title, and it’s being discussed on the blog of a brewery. But it’s not a camp about bars, or a camping trip where you stay overnight at a bar (though doesn’t that sound fun?). No,…

Jun 03
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When it rains, it pours

Lit’rally, as Rob Lowe’s character on Parks & Recreations would say. Yes, Bidwell was plenty wet this Saturday. Downright marshy, even. Thanks to everyone who braved the mud and came to say hi: unlike last time, which was our introduction to many of you, this time was split about 50/50 between new folks…